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We welcome your questions about puerh tea or Puer-Café.
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About puerh tea?

What is puerh tea?

Puerh tea is a tea made in Yunnan province made from Yunnan tea leafs. Moderate in taste generated through “Post fermentation” process. It is believed “Post fermentation” generates various health benefit of puerh tea. There are two type of puerh tea, green puerh and cooed puerh.

What makes puerh tea distinctive from other tea?

Any tea are made from tea leaf, however, puerh tea is distinctive in two points.

1.Made from Yunnan big tea tree.
2.Post fermentation process

Although all tea are made from tea leave(Camellia sinensis), the tea leaf used in making puerh tea is different in version, such as Mengu big tea leaf, Fenchin big tea leaf, etc. Different version is different in flavour as well as in taste.
Post fermentation is unique in black tea (black tea in Chinese definition. “normal” black tea is Red tea in China). Puerh tea is finished through post fermentation process. It takes few weeks (cooked puerh) to decades (green puerh).

Is puerh tea a black tea? or green tea?

As you learn more about puerh tea, you come across this question.
The answer is “Puerh tea is black tea, however, fresh green puerh can be called green tea”. Puerh tea is made from “half fermented” green tea. “Half fermented” means acidizing enzyme in active by roasting tea leave like green tea. Thus fresh green puerh is just like a green tea however, unlike green tea, enzyme also “half” inactivated. Tealeaf still continues fermentation after it is made and fresh green puerh turns to black tea after years of time.
Cooked puerh is black tea whether it is new or old.

How to store puerh tea?

Wrap tea original paper and store puerh tea in airy place. Avoid direct sun light. Fridge is not recommended as smell of other food can be absorbed by tealeaf. If tealeaf is packed in sealed plastic bag, it is OK to store in fridge.

How to infuse puerh tea?

There are various way to infuse tea. My recommendation is to use 3-5g tealeaf with 500cc boiling water. Leave it for 5min. Don’t forget to rinse tea first. It does make a difference. Refer to How to infuse.

About our puerh tea.

Does puerh tea contains caffeine?

Puerh tea has caffeine like other tea. Contents of caffeine is reduced in cooked puerh and aged green puerh, however, it still has caffeine. Caffeine can be evaporated by roasting tealeaf.

Does puerh tea have expiry date?

Puerh tea does not have any expiry date if it stored in proper manner. Puerh tea progress it’s taste and flavor like a wine.

Is puerh tea effective for dieting?

Puerh tea is believed that it is good for reducing body weight. Some of our customer succeeded to reduce body weight after continuing puerh tea habit.

How much puerh tea do I have to drink to be healthy?

Generally, It is said a few cup of puerh tea is enough to be effective. But, some study shows more is better. Please be noted, taking exceeded puerh tea could cause problems on your body.

Package has spots. Is it inferior puerh tea?

It is no inferior puerh tea at all. Puerh tea sometimes have dirty spots on the package. It is due to the ingredients of tea itself. It is said richer taste puerh tea tends to have more spots.

Package is damaged

It happens especially for old Puerh tea. Puerh tea is often stored for long period of time and it is transferred from one tea seller to the other. Package sometimes get damaged while transporting. We ask for your kind understanding for a damage as it is a nature of puerh tea. Our puerh tea is wrapped by our original paper (for compressed tea).

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Shopping at Puer-Café

Is it easy to import tea?

It sounds difficult to import tea, however, it is just an online shopping in most of the countries.
Click puerh tea to cart and checkout through Paypal, then wait until tea is delivered.
We have delivered tea to USA, Japan, Korea, Vietnam without hearing any problems.

What other fee are charged except tealeaf?

Shipping fee is the only other cost to purchase tea. Custom could tax you to deliver tea (it was reported by a customer in Vietnam. Tax was less than 1USD.). Please ask tax officer in your country.

How to pay?

We accept payment through Paypal. Visit Paypal web site for more detail.
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Order confirmation e-mail has not been delivered.

Our e-mail sometimes filtered by your mail server or mail applications. Please check your spam folder. If you still not find our e-mail, please kindly send a e-mail to trouble@puer-cafe.com.

About cancelation

We accept cancelation of the order before your payment. Please inform us by e-mail.

How many days do I have to wait to receive tea?

We ship tea by ari freight service by China post. It generally takes 1-2 weeks to reach to your country. Days after reaching your country is subject to custom and transportation capacity in your country.

About quantity of stock

It sometimes happens it showed “In stock” on the website, but actually out of stock as our stock database is not real time. We will refund your payment if you ordered & paid tea which actually out of stock.

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