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Health benefits of Puerh tea

In China, Puerh tea is believed to have health benefits since ancient era. Recent study has proved it.


Puerh tea is famous for dieting in China and east Asia. It is mentioned in the world most detailed herb book “Běncǎo wǎngmù (本草網目)” written in 16th century. It is said puerh tea has two mechanism to urge metabolism to burn fat.

  • Blockage fat to be absorbed into body system.
  • Urge to burn fat.
Blockage fat to be absorbed into body system
Fat is digested and absorbed intestine. That means if fat were not digested, fat would be discharged from the body. It is considered denatured catechin prevents bile from interacting with fat to be emulsified for digesting. As a result part of fat will be discharged from the body syste.
Urge to burn fat
Neutral fat in the cell is needed to be FFA (Free Fatty Acid) before it is consumed. Lipase is the key enzyme in this process. Puerh tea urges body system to generate more lipase and thus, the metabolic rate of neutral fat is enhanced.

Detailed research is still undergoing and to be well understood in near future.

Reduce Cholesterol

Puerh tea is well known to reduce cholesterol in your blood.
Cholesterol is a form of fat in your blood and is essential for your body to form cell wall or hormone. However, cholesterol is one of causes of cardiovascular disease, such as arteriosclerosis, metabolic syndrome.
There are two type of cholesterol, LDL and HDL. LDL (Low-Density Liprotein) is an agent to bring cholesterol to cells in your body, however, it tends to accumulate in your veins and progress arteriosclerosis by affecting macrophage. LDL sometimes forms a “plug” in your veins. The plug travels through your body and could cause myocardial infarction or cerebral thrombosis. LDL is often called as “Bad” cholesterol as it causes problems on your body.
HDL (High-Density Liprotein), on the other hand, retrieves excess cholesterol from cells and brings to liver for re-process. It is known as “Good” cholesterol as it helps to remove accumulated cholesterol from cells.
Puerh tea helps to reduce cholesterol especially LDL while increasing HDL. It is verified through clinical studies by Kunming Medical University and other universities includes USA and France.

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