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Authentic Puerh tea from Yunnan, China to your home.

The taste of genuine Puerh tea.

Smooth, Mellow and exotic aroma. Puerh tea has various unique specialities. Great Puerh tea experience from green to cooked, fresh to 40-years vintage.

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Dayi classic puerh tea photo

Dayi classic
Dà Yì Chá 7572

Menghahi 2018
Package 80g / 357g
15.14 USD

Displayed weight is for one package (80g). Ship whole piece of tea (357g)if you ordered 4 packages.

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Chantai aged puerh プーアル茶の写真

Chantai aged puerh
Chāngtài Suìyuè 10nián Chāngtàihào

Chantai 2004
27.24 USD

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Authentic Puerh Tea, Puer-Cafe
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