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There are many of puerh tea producers In Yunnan province. Some are big companies, some are as small as tea farmer. Puer-cafe deals puerh tea made by various manufacturers.

Menghai tea factory(勐海茶廠)

Menghai puerh tea factory is the biggest and most famous puerh tea provider in China (=in the world!) with longest history. Their history is back to 1940. Since then, Menghai tea factory have been manufacturing many puerh tea including legendary puerh tea, such as "Red mark round tea".
Currently, Menghai tea factory produces Dayi(大益) brand and is still the biggest brand among hundreds of puerh tea makers.
In 2008, Menghai puerh tea was recognized as "Chinese cultural heritage".

Xiaguan tea factory (下関茶廠)

Xiaguan tea factory is also one of the oldest tea factory. The history of Xiaguan tea factory back to 1939. Xiaguan is famous for Tuo tea and Iron tea cake. It is located at Dali (大理) city in southwest of Yunnan province where Thai tribe's home. Previously, Xiaguan tea factory is also famous for its colorful design coming from the tradition of native tribes as well as Tibetan culture.

Chantai tea factory (昌泰茶業)

Chantai tea factory was founded in 1998. Chantai tea factory is famous for their flagship brand Yichanhao(易昌號) produced in 1999. The first Yichanhao made in 1999 is well recognized as '99 Yichanhao (99易昌號) in the market and it is one of the most famous puerh tea in the "new age puerh tea".
Chantai tea factory was recognized as "Yunnan famous eight bland" in 2008. Chantai has several brands such as "Yichanhao", "Chantaihao", etc.

Six Famous Tea Mountains(六大茶山)

Six Famous Tea Mountains tea factory (SFTM) was founded in 2002 by Ms. Yuan Dianrong (院殿蓉), she was the CEO and chairman of Menghai tea factory. The tea they makes have a different view, which is women's point of view. The slogan of SFMT is "質量決定成敗" which means "Quality is the first". SFTM is famous for quality control as well as sanitary control.

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